Classes - Spring / Summer 2017


Make Your Own Watercolors

Instructor:  Roger Carmona of Kremer Pigments

Dates:  Sunday, May 21st, 12-3pm

Learn how to make your own personalized watercolors in this four-hour workshop. Students will take home a full, 14 color, watercolor set at the end of the day.  A variety of watercolor pigment characteristics will be examined: from opaque to translucent, high-tinting to more shy pigments, from coarse to extremely fine, and even fluorescent pigments. Find out tips and tricks to make any color, even if you don’t yet know their properties. A great introduction to the craft of creating one of the most beautiful paints.

Price:  $160


Knife Sharpening

Instructor:  William Griffin of Griffin Bladeworks

Date:  Wednesday May 24th, 7-9pm 

Learn the art of sharpening and maintaining your knives in this two-hour workshop with SUPERSMITH knife-maker, Will Griffin. Students will learn the essential methods of freehand waterstone sharpening, while using class time to practice learned techniques under instructor guidance. Price includes a medium-grit Japanese waterstone, which students will take home with them at the end of class. Students should bring their own knives. Beginners welcome.


Price:  $70


Boat Building with Bob

Instructor:  Bob Biondi

Dates: Sundays, May 28th - June 25th, 2pm- 6pm

Longtime Red Hooker and lifelong woodworker Bob Biondi teaches an extended hands-on course on traditional boat-building.  Over the course of 5 weeks, six to ten class members will participate in the start-to-finish construction of a 12-foot, two-seated New England style skiff, while learning nautical lore and terminology, basic boat-building concepts, and applied woodworking techniques.   Upon completion of the craft, class members will enjoy exclusive shared ownership of the vessel, to be berthed at SUPERSMITH and launched at one's leisure from Valentino Pier.

Price:  $800


Ceramic Hand-building : Make Your Own Mug

Instructor: Demetria Chappo of Demetria Chappo Ceramics

Dates:   Wednesday May 31st, 7-9:30pm

In this two-and-a-half hour workshop, students will have an introduction to ceramic hand-building techniques and create their own mug out of clay. With a focus on form, texture, surface design and glazing, this class will give students the hands-on experience of molding and sculpting a handmade mug. Participants will learn how to play with variations on shape, add handles and decorative details, create patterns and textures, and finishing techniques. Mugs will be bisque fired, clear glazed and high fired, and available to bring home in approximately 2 weeks.  Open to all skill levels, this class will inspire both those new to the craft and those refining their technique.

Price:  $80


Introduction to Leather : Hand-stitched Wallet

Instructor:  Kyle Mosholder, owner of D'Emploi Brooklyn

Date:  Sunday, June 4th, 12-3pm

In this three-hour beginner class, students will become acquainted with the basics of using needles and thread to create long-lasting items from leather.  We will use a simple card wallet pattern as our basis for the lessons, and each student will take home a finished wallet at the end of the class.  Leather and tools are provided, as well as options to personalize your wallet with custom details.  The class will be small in size to ensure individual attention, and will set the student up to explore further projects in leather.

Price:  $95


Introduction to Mold Making and Slipcasting

Instructors: Sierra Yip-Bannicq and Jazmin de la Guardia of Franca

Date:  Sunday, June 11th, 11:30 - 6pm

In this six-hour workshop, students will learn how to make a two-part plaster mold of an object of their choice. They will then learn the process of casting objects out of clay through the slip casting technique. Students will have the opportunity to practice casting objects from molds provided by instructors, as they wait for their own to dry.  All materials included in course price. Absolute beginners welcome.

Price:  $225


Gift Certificates!

Get your special someone a class with SUPERSMITH.

Price:  $50 - $200


Our Refund/Cancellation Policy
Students can receive a full refund until 2 weeks prior to class, at which point class credit will be available for the next session.