Supersmith was designed as a versatile, efficient and spacious workplace for craftspeople to practice and expand their trade.  Woodworkers, metal workers, leather workers and designers of all kinds share knowledge, space and projects together here.  A 3000 sf double height, skylit fabrication area, equipped with quality woodworking machinery, is surrounded by private studios, bench spaces, viewing galleries, and communal auxiliary spaces.  Makers also have access to a metalworking and welding area, conference room / photo studio, paint and finishing room, dedicated storage, barber shop and common kitchen.  We offer beer and coffee on tap, access to Supersmith events, and the opportunity to showcase and sell work through our showroom.  For details on our facilities and studio availability, or to apply for our wait list, please drop us a line using the form below.

To inquire about our studio-space availability, please message us below.

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